Madrid, 19th and 20th October

Once again this year we sponsored the 4th National Real Estate Servicing Congress, organised by CMS Group Europe. During the meeting, our CEO, Francesc Noguera, participated in the Top Management Panel, one of the most interesting tables of the day. Together with the leaders of the Spanish Top Servicing, the debate focused on the real estate sector as a safe haven for accumulated post-pandemic savings and on how, from their management position, they view the current macroeconomic context and future prospects.

We were also present at round table discussions on the challenges facing Real Estate in Spain, as well as the opportunities that exist for it in the short and medium term, with Marcos Beltrán, our Chief Real Estate Officer. And Pedro Valle-Domingues, Chief Growth Officer in the debate on the upturn in non-performing loans, securitisation of non-performing loans, movements in Secured NPL portfolios and management of a new type of debt.

Link to the event