Altamira Asset Management announced today that Isabel Teixeira would be joining as the new CEO of Altamira Portugal to strengthen its activity on this key market for the doValue Altamira Group in which it manages financial and real estate assets worth more than 2,000 million euros.

Isabel Teixeira, who was the Servicing manager at the company Whitestar, is replacing Eduardo Cerqueira, the CEO of Altamira Portugal since 2019, who is joining the Market Strategy and Business Development team of the doValue Group.

The change is part of the orderly, anticipated transition announced by the doValue Altamira group to create a new organisational structure with different corporate and management duties of the business in those countries where the Italian financial services’ company operates. Altamira forms, together with the doValue Group, the largest servicer in southern Europe with more than 160,000 million assets under its management in five different countries.

With the new organisation, Isabel Teixeira assumes the objective of making the company grow and transforming it into a more efficient organisation prepared for the challenges of the future. She will report directly to the Managing Director of Altamira Asset Management and the manager of the Iberia Region, Francesc Noguera.

For Francesc Noguera, “with Isabel Teixeira joining Altamira Portugal, she will bring knowledge, trajectory and maturity, which will enable it to keep achieving many new successes”.

“We are 100% committed to Portugal and to all present and future clients and we would like to keep being one of the prominent servicers on this market”, added Francesc Noguera.

For Isabel Teixeira, “it is a personal challenge, but also a joint one  – mine and Altamira’s – to strengthen our position as a prominent servicer, particularly in niche areas such as securitisation, with total independence, or the evaluation of complex real estate assets”. The new managing director went on to say: “As a woman and a professional, I feel proud that the Altamira and doValue Group have chosen me for this journey. I am starting this new stage with enthusiasm and happiness and I am facing the challenge of boosting the growth of the business, of people and of technology, particularly in these surprising, unforeseeable times”.

A leading servicer in Portugal

Altamira Portugal started up its operations in 2017 after the acquisition of the Oitante servicing platform, and since that time it has grown and strengthened its team and become a multiclient company which renders services to top-tier investment funds and banks. At present, it manages a total volume of financial and real estate assets worth more than 2,000 million euros with more than 7 national and international clients. What’s more, in recent times, it has expanded its offer, adding portfolio management and advice and securitisation services.

In these almost four years of activity, Altamira Portugal has become a key player on the Portuguese market in terms of Non-Performing Loans Servicing and it is a market leader in Real Estate. In recent years, it has led the sales of unique Real Estate assets, with more than 350 million euros of sales since its creation.

Isabel Teixeira, vast experience in the Servicing industry

Until now, Isabel Teixeira was the manager of the Servicing area of the company Whitestar, managing three departments and 33 operating teams, with around 300 people. Previously, she was the Corporate Loans manager of Whitestar where she started working in 2012, and she headed up a Legal and Asset Managers’ team, managing nonperforming loan portfolios (NPL) of national banks. She was also the manager of the unsecured loans area, coordinating eight legal and asset manager teams, with around 110 people.

The new CEO of Altamira in Portugal is a law graduate, majoring in Economic and Legal Sciences from the Faculty of Law of Lisbon University and she completed the Management and Performance Control Programme at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics.

Her professional career started in the legal profession with Bufetes de Abogados where she worked in several fields of the law such as Civil, Criminal, Family and Employment Law. She worked at Domusvenda as the Legal Manager and as the Team Leader.

In turn, the CEO of Altamira Portugal until now, Eduardo Cerqueira, will be focusing on the growth and maintenance of relations with the Investment Funds and the Financial Institutions, with a view to boosting Group turnover.