• The servicer is offering discounts on a selection of more than 1,300 single-family homes, chalets, duplexes, apartments and garage spaces for cars and motorcycles
  • The Levante region of the peninsula and Andalusia have the highest number of residential properties, but there are others located throughout Spain
  • In the tertiary sector, Altamira doValue Group is offering major discounts on around 1,500 assets including retail spaces, offices and industrial warehouses
  • Exceptional discounts of up to 50% off for transactions closed before September 15

With the start of the summer sales period today, Altamira doValue Group announced a series of exceptional discounts of up to 50% off on more than 2,800 residential and tertiary properties. The company is lowering the original sales price for transactions that close before September 15, thus facilitating access to the real estate market for both individuals and professionals looking to take advantage of the current growth.

As part of this campaign, the servicer is offering more than 1,300 residential properties at very competitive prices of up to half off thanks to these special discounts. These include resale homes with an average price of €84,316 as well as garage spaces for cars and motorcycles at an average of €5,737.

In order to cover the needs of all buyers, the discounts are centered on a variety of different types of residences such as apartments, single-family homes, country houses, chalets, duplexes, and penthouses, with one to three bedrooms. The properties are located throughout Spain, although the highest number of them are concentrated in the Levante area of the peninsula (Almeria, Murcia, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante) and Andalusia (Jaen, Cadiz), presenting a great opportunity to get a vacation house on the coast.

Large selection of tertiary properties

Altamira doValue Group is committed to offering a wide range of exceptional discounts and including the tertiary sector, in order to reach the largest possible audience. Professionals can take advantage of up to 50% off the original sales price on nearly 1,500 retail spaces, offices and industrial warehouses.

The servicer has selected more than 1,100 commercial premises with an average price of €88,438 in nearly 20 locations. They include Barcelona, Valencia and Seville with around 80 properties each, Madrid with over 60, and Las Palmas, Cadiz and Zaragoza with around 50 each.
The more than 200 offices have an average price of €86,511 and are located in the country’s major cities and business hubs, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. There is also a large selection in other key locations like Navarre, Badajoz and Huelva.

Additionally, the discounts also include more than 170 warehouses with an average price of €267,000. Seville and Zaragoza, with around 20 warehouses, top the list of cities with the highest number of them. Buyers can also find this product in Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Valladolid and Toledo.
All the properties included in this special discounts campaign are available through the web page of Altamira doValue Group, a leading servicer in the Spanish market with more than 125,000 properties managed nationwide.