• Ángel Rubio, new manager of the division specialising in 360º Legal Services, heads a team of over 70 specialists covering the entire territory, offering Preparation of Documents, Legal and Insolvency Management, among other integrated services.
  • The servicer implements its Strategic Plan 2022-2024 through diversification, with this new unit that offers banks and investment funds all kinds of legal services related with counselling, management, administration and execution, with a 360º vision.
  • Several banks and funds already use the company’s legal services for their debt management contracts, but through this new specialised unit they can now outsource all the management of their legal proceedings.

Altamira doValue announced today the launching of a new Business Unit specialising in 360º Legal Services to offer all kinds of legal counselling and management for banks and funds, and the appointment of Ángel Rubio to head up that new unit. Altamira doValue thus makes further progress in its Strategic Plan 2022-2024, one of the pillars of which is growth through diversification and specialisation. From now on, banks and funds will be able to use Altamira doValue for all kinds of specialised legal services without requiring a portfolio management servicing agreement.

Altamira doValue has launched its new 360º Legal Services Unit right when a considerable increase is expected in bad bank loans in Spain, owing to the end of the bankruptcy and insolvency moratoria and ICO loans. According to several sources, the number of insolvency proceedings has tripled in Spanish courts in the first few weeks of July.

“The new Altamira doValue continues generating differential and specialised value proposals in response to the new needs of our clients, banks and investment funds,” explained Francesc Noguera, CEO of the company, who is leading a far-reaching transformation.

“From now on, we have a specialised unit offering integral legal services for our clients, regardless of whether we manage their financial and real estate asset portfolios under a servicing agreement or whether our specialist support is requested with bespoke legal services through the new unit,” he added.

“We are offering legal services with 360º vision that will enable banks and investment funds to choose what kind of services they need, whether integral legal services for management of their portfolios or specific services to meet particular needs, such as the preparation of documents for complicated stocks or large flows, management of legal proceedings already under way or to be instituted, acting as solicitors and/or barristers, or bankruptcy/insolvency counselling under the new laws,” explained the new manager of the Legal Services Unit of Altamira doValue, Ángel Rubio.

The start-up of the new Legal Services Unit builds on the experience accumulated by Altamira doValue as one of the leading servicers on the Spanish market.

The management capacity of the new 360º Legal Services Unit boils down to its capacity as top financial asset manager in the rankings of the principal clients of Legal Recovery Services, with more than 8 years’ experience and over 70 professionals in this new unit.

Over this time, Altamira doValue has handled the transformation of assets valued at over EUR 20 billion in more than 130,000 legal proceedings, more than 13,000 bankruptcies/insolvencies and more than 15,000 preparations of documentation for legal suits, always under mandate from our clients. This experience is channelled throughout the country and through specialist collaborators.

The new Legal Services Unit has four basic pillars, that guarantee 360º, flexible, scalable management:

  • 360º management, with an integral service specialising in the handling of legal proceedings and legal support services throughout the entire process of financial asset management (from management of lawsuits, bankruptcy proceedings, barrister services, preparation of documents, legal counselling, out-of-court auctions, etc.).
  • Team specialising in each area of service fully geared to business and cooperation from first-rate collaborating partners throughout the territory.
  • Flexible, scalable operation, with a scalable, modular, flexible model adjusted to clients’ requirements.
  • Cutting-edge technology, with management tools that encompass all agents and guarantee traceability of procedures.

The new model of the Legal Services Unit of Altamira doValue includes 7 blocks of services, leaving it up to clients whether they require all or only some of them. Those seven blocks of services are:

  1. Management of lawsuits
  2. Insolvency management and special actions
  3. Legal counselling
  4. Barrister services
  5. Legal Due Diligence
  6. Paralegal Back Office
  7. Preparation of documents

Angel Rubio, over 20 years’ experience in the legal, financial and debt recovery sector

Ángel Rubio, new Manager of the Division Specialising in 360º Legal Services

Solicitor by profession, he began his career in Adarve Corporación Jurídica, where he was Delegation Manager in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and Barcelona.

Before joining Altamira doValue in 2020, Ángel worked in Aktua as Head of the Procedural Unit providing legal services for Banco Santander, BMN and the Hudson and Apollo Investment Funds, and in Haya Real Estate where he was Legal Recovery and Debt Transactions Manager for SAREB, Cajamar, Liberbank and several investment funds, such as Cerberus and LCM Partners Ltd.