Altamira is moving forward with the digitisation of the sector by including e-learning in its commercial management app ‘My Altamira’

Altamira Asset Management, the leader of the servicers’ sector in Spain, is still heading up the digital transformation of the real estate sector by integrating a new e-learning tool in its ‘My Altamira’ app for the more than 800 Real Estate Agents (REAs) and for its own sales team. In this way, the asset management platform is positioning itself as the first to integrate all training and management processes.

In 2019, the servicer was one step ahead of the market with the launch of ‘My Altamira’ with a view to unifying and simplifying agents’ work, cutting management times and improving the sales’ results. During this period more than 2,400 users have signed up to the app, including REA employees, the internal sales team and Altamira’s own employees.

Thanks to the integration of ‘My Academy’, Altamira has managed to take a further step towards digitisation and the agents going to make up the commercial network can access an online academy with training in good practices in the marketing process as a whole. The platform already meant that all the information about the assets under management was just a click away, as were the updates on marketing campaign and the status of any assignments pending, without the need to use any other channels. What’s more, users can have these contents at their disposal anywhere as, technologically speaking, the app has been designed with mobile first in mind, adapting so it can be viewed on all devices.

Digitisation as the mainstay of Altamira’s strategy

‘My Altamira’ allows all the bureaucratic procedures to be speeded up to formalise real estate transactions thanks to the digitisation of processes, one of the mainstays established in the Altamira growth strategy. The platform incorporates all the documentation required to carry out the whole sales’ process, from uploading pictures of the property, to carrying out the offer and reserving the asset digitally. It is thus possible to work in a more straightforward, efficient manner, cutting management times and considerably improving results.

The onboarding process of new asset portfolios, the datamining systems for analysing marketing trends or real-time reporting of the commercial activity of the assets of the clients are some of the differential attributes of the digital strategy that Altamira has developed at the platform.

What’s more, the company places and emphasis on the development of digital marketing strategies geared towards the final client. in this way, tools are implemented to connect each asset with its potential buyer. The virtual experience is another of the differentiating aspects and it is possible to make a totally online 360º visit, but also to check on a computer what the property would look like after it has been remodelled and decorated.