The leading Spanish servicer Altamira Asset Management ( is taking part this week in the first virtual real estate fair to be held in Spain, with four promotions in the Valencian Community to meet the new housing needs that have arisen from the COVID-19 crisis. 

The fair, organised by the ‘start-up’ which sprang up in Marbella, Online Property Shows, and focused on the Spanish coasts, is to be held from 20 to 22 November and it will bring together major real estate promoters, marketers and agencies. It will constitute a significant event for the sector and its clients to get together again, as an alternative to conventional real estate fairs which have had to be cancelled owing to the health crisis

The show will be 100% online and interactive, thereby affording a different shopping experience for clients. Visitors can interact with exhibitors in a virtual space, access all the information they wish to know about real estate and talk directly to companies and professionals in the sector.

The exhibitors, in turn, can reconnect with their potential buyers directly and offer them real estate capable of meeting the new housing needs which have arisen from the lockdown. After the health crisis, clients are looking for larger dwellings with more bedrooms, spaces with more natural light and extra surface areas such as balconies, terraces or gardens, good orientation and greater energy efficiency.

“There are an increasing number of people looking for houses who have reassessed their priorities and are now demanding larger, more open spaces with more light. We have observed an increase in interest for penthouses and flats with a balcony, terrace or their own garden. Today’s buyer knows just what’s he’s looking for”, asserts the manager of Altamira Singularity, Ana Belén Fernández Carballido, who will also be making a speech at the fair.

The staging of the first virtual real estate fair in Spain also demonstrates how COVID-19 is driving the digital transformation of the sector. The virtual interaction with the final client results in a solution which is convenient, speedy and safe in the current circumstances to put forward house-buying opportunities.

What Altamira has to offer

What Altamira is bringing to the fair totally fits in with the new needs that have arisen from the lockdown and it includes 219 newly constructed dwellings in Calpe, Denia, Gandía and Valencia. They all boast spaces which are large and outdoor, two of the conditions that clients are asking for further to the health crisis.

Sunrise Tower in Calpe, for instance, is a promotion with 67 dwellings with spacious terraces and ground floors with a garden. All the properties have large windows which let the natural light in and afford a view of the Mediterranean Sea and Peñón de Ifach. The promotion is located in the area of El Saladar and just a few minutes’ walk away from Arenal.

In turn, Residencial El Palmeralin Gandía boasts 27 semi-detached houses with large terraces. The promotion is located in the best residential area of Gandía, just a few minutes’ walk away from the town and the beach.

The promotion Marina Residencial in Valencia is located very close to the sea, boasting 87 flats with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms and penthouses with terraces. What’s more, the dwellings have garage spaces and storerooms distributed over two basement floors.

Finally, Edificio Turia in Denia includes 38 dwellings and penthouses with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms which also have spacious terraces, garages and storerooms. The promotion is located in the centre of Denia, with access to all the services without needing to take the car and 10 minutes away from the beach.