12 December, 2022 12 December, 2022

Altamira doValue sets up a specialist business unit to boost investor portfolio management

2022-12-12T17:12:39+02:0012 December, 2022|

Altamira doValue announced today the start-up of a business unit specialising in the management of portfolios bought by investment funds and their growing interest in investing in the Spanish market. This new Investor area is headed by Conrado Caviró and currently has over 150 professionals, with specialised technology, an integral vision of assets and bespoke solutions for investors.

10 October, 2022 10 October, 2022

4th National Real Estate Servicing Conference

2022-10-14T13:05:33+02:0010 October, 2022|

Marcos Beltrán González, Chief Real Estate Officer of Altamira doValue, will participate as a speaker on 20 October in the round table debate on 'Perspectives, evolution and future vision of Real Estate in Spain'.

22 July, 2022 22 July, 2022

Altamira doValue launches a Business Unit Specialising in Integral Legal Services for banks and funds and appoints Ángel Rubio to head up the division

2022-09-05T12:40:06+02:0022 July, 2022|

Altamira doValue has launched its new 360º Legal Services Unit right when a considerable increase is expected in bad bank loans in Spain, owing to the end of the bankruptcy and insolvency moratoria and ICO loans. According to several sources, the number of insolvency proceedings has tripled in Spanish courts in the first few weeks of July.

13 June, 2022 13 June, 2022

2º NPL days DD Talks

2022-06-16T16:15:28+02:0013 June, 2022|

2nd Edition of the NPL Days to discuss the situation and stock of loans and debt in Spain with the main leaders of the sector. Among them Altamira doValue Group as gold sponsor and with presence in two panels: Pedro Valle-Domingues, our Chief Growth Officer, will share a round table with the servicing market as the main topic: how the European Directive on servicers influences, what is the diligence in granular portfolios and issues to take into account. Marcos Beltrán, Chief Real Estate Officer, will talk about the latest transactions in the REO market, sale and leaseback companies and the challenges in current valuations.

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