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16 June, 2022 16 June, 2022

2º NPL days DD Talks

Madrid, 23 June

Pedro Valle-Domingues, Chief Growth Officer of Altamira doValue Group, will share a round table with the servicing market as the main topic: how the European Directive on servicers influences, what is the diligence in granular portfolios and issues to be taken into account.

Marcos Beltrán, Chief Real Estate Officer, will talk about the latest transactions in the REO market, sale and leaseback companies and the challenges in current valuations.

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4 October, 2021 4 October, 2021

Sima Real Estate Exhibition 2021

Madrid, IFEMA, 26th – 28th November

The largest and most influential Real Estate event in Spain.

Link to tradeshow: #SIMAOtoño2021

3 October, 2021 3 October, 2021

III National Congress of Real Estate Servicing

Madrid, 19-20 Octubre 2021

Altamira doValue CEO, Francesc Noguera, participated in the senior management panel “Top Servicing and Property Management” and Jon Egaña, Chief Business Officer, in the panel of “NPLs Secured in Spain”.

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