Altamira Asset Management, the Spanish leader of the servicers’ sector, today announced the appointment of Francesc Noguera, until now the CEO of Banco Sabadell in Mexico, as the new CEO of the company, with responsibility for business in Spain and Portugal. Francesc Noguera is replacing Julián Navarro in the post, who since last August balanced his responsibility as the CEO of Altamira with his position as the corporate manager for Market Strategy and Business Development at doValue, and who from now on will be focusing on this latter post which is key to the Group’s development and growth.

The change announced today has occurred after an orderly, anticipated transition when in August doValue announced the creation of a new organisational structure with corporate duties and responsible for business in each of the countries where it operates.

In the new organisation, Francesc Noguera shall, as from 22 February, be the new Executive Director of the Board of Directors and CEO of Altamira Asset Management, with responsibility for the Iberia region, which incorporates Spain and Portugal. At the same time, like the other CEOs in the regions where doValue operates – Italy, the Hellenic Region (Greece and Cyprus), as well as Iberia (Spain and Portugal) -, he has become part of the management team of the doValue Group and he shall report directly to the CEO of doValue, Andrea Mangoni.

Julián Navarro, in turn, shall from now on be 100% focused on new corporate duties and he shall continue to form part of the management team of the doValue Group, also reporting to the CEO Andrea Mangoni. Julián Navarro will be the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Altamira Asset Management.

In an internal communication, the CEO of doValue, Andrea Mangoni, stressed that “I am convinced that with the arrival of Francesc Noguera we will be entering a new success-packed phase in Spain and Portugal, whilst Julián Navarro will take on the new challenges in the Group and in the business development of the latter”.

Francesc Noguera adds to the financial and real estate experience

Francesc Noguera is joining Altamira as the ultimate party responsible for the management of company activities, with a global perspective of Spain and Portugal. “His aim is to achieve a more competitive, innovative organisation which ensures the trust of our present and future clients”, according to the internal communication sent by the CEO of doValue to all the company team.

In said communication, Andrea Mangoni highlights that Francesc Noguera has a broad professional trajectory with more than 25 years heading up the financial and real estate businesses and he added that “we are certain that his recruitment will allow us to keep achieving new, numerous successes”.

Francesc Noguera shall hierarchically report to Andrea Mangoni himself and his direct team shall be the members of the Management Committee of Spain, as well as the General Management of Portugal.

During the last  8 years, Francesc Noguera has been the CEO of  Banco Sabadell in Mexico. Since its outset, he has launched the company with an organic approach and digital business models, bringing a relevant net profit to the income statement of the Bank and managing to convert it in under 6 years into the 10th ranked in the system, with the development of and investment in technology being key to this success.

He knows the real estate sector inside out, both from a financial and real estate perspective. Before he arrived in Mexico, and during the crisis in Spain, he bundled portfolios and distributed them to institutional investors and funds with a view to undertaking the real estate disinvestment of the bank.

What’s more, from a purely real estate perspective, he led the international operations of  Habitat, a real estate promotion and hotel management company, expanding its activities to countries like Hungary, Mexico, China and India. He later managed Habitat’s hotel chain in Spain.

The new CEO of Altamira graduated in Business Administration and Management and MBA from ESADE Business School and he has a  Global Executive Master’s in Digital Business which he took at the ISDI.

Julián Navarro, Market Strategy and Business Development manager of the doValue Group

In turn, Julián Navarro shall from now on be 100% focused on the corporate management of Market Strategy and Business Development Worldwide, a post he had already been performing since last August and which, according to the CEO of doValue in the internal communication, “it is crucial for our growth and strengthening as European market leaders”.

In this regard, Andrea Mangoni highlights the great work carried out by Julián Navarro heading up Altamira since he joined in January 2014 when the latter incorporated as a company independent of its bank of origin, Banco Santander.

According to Mangoni, Julián Navarro led the transformation of two business units in the service of a single client into an undisputed leading multinational in the servicing industry in Southern Europe and with

diversification in terms of the type and number of clients, as well as of the services rendered in the management of financial and real estate assets, a prominent reference in each and every one of the markets on which it operates.

Since 2013, Altamira has increased the financial and real estate assets under its management from 25,000 million euros to 50,000 million euros, it has taken its business international – with its entry into Portugal and Cyprus – and it workforce has increased from 350 employees to 1,200 employees today, of the 3,400 employees in the pay of the doValue Group in total.

Its transformation has also resulted in a very significant increase in the number of clients, switching from working with just one client to working with more than 20 clients in 4 differentiated segments – financial entities, entities in which the State has an interest, investment funds and real estate promoters-.

In the same way, it has become a company with a comprehensive service proposal adapted to market needs, covering the whole asset management cycle, from debt recovery and management to the marketing of real estate assets, as well as other services such as real estate development, portfolio management for investors, advice and other services related with loan and real estate asset management.