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The Altamira doValue Group is organised into teams specialised in five lines of business, thanks to which we can provide service throughout the life cycle of the asset.



Comprehensive consultancy service to provide support to each client for the purchase and sale of portfolios.

The business units and the broad experience and knowledge of the network are channelled via a team which has tried and tested experience in providing advice to investors.

We have a large database, advanced models, algorithms for valuation and market trends for decision-making processes.


Our debt recovery and management service is complete and integrated and it has nationwide coverage.

We have teams which are highly experienced and specialised in the management, negotiation and recovery of debt of any type, the sale of credits, mortgage foreclosures and prosecution, offering solutions to suit the needs of each client.

With this in mind, we make use of complex analytical and predictive tools thanks to a pioneering programme in Spain which, for eight years now, has allowed the Altamira doValue Group to market assets developed within the context of the development loan.


We have a wide range of services adapted to the specific needs of our clients to cover the whole real estate asset management process: admission of assets, legal disencumbrance and repossession, administrative and maintenance procedures for real estate assets, non-payment procedures for leased assets, clearance and commissioning of the asset for its marketing and publication and technical adaptations.

Our client base is very diverse. The clients include everything from major financial institutions to investment funds and private investors.



In terms of the volume of land under management and the dwellings developed in the last 5 years, we are the largest promoter in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

With a highly specialised team boasting great capillarity nationwide, capable of providing a comprehensive service: attraction of investment opportunities, Due Diligence and feasibility analysis, land management, project promotion and development, monitoring of the construction process and budget control.
Our experience in land portfolios and in promotions’ management is unique, based on a robust procedure to optimise costs, timeframes and quality, using bidding procedures to select the most suitable partner.

The development services are complemented by the power of a team specialised in the marketing of the broadest commercial network on the market.


Leader in the marketing of real estate assets by volume managed and the result obtained by a team of specialists in marketing residential real estate, both of new works and second-hand, tertiary products and land. We provide national coverage of the lease and sale of these real estate assets thanks to an internal and external network of managers, as well as of real estate agents (national and international).

Our services start with the preparation of the marketing strategy, adapted to each product and channel, we draw up marketing strategies as well as digital and information capacities which maximise the generation of opportunities and decision-making.

We are committed to continuous innovation both of processes and channels, as well as of our management platforms, so that both our clients and our agents can manage the whole process speedily, effectively and digitally, considerably reducing the time-to-market of the assets for a rapid marketing on the market.
We set out to achieve the return and the results requested by each of our clients based on our capacity and specialisation.

First Spanish servicer to present a multidevice and online platform to manage its commercial networks to the market.