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Our head office is based in Madrid. We have a nationwide presence in Spain through our office network grouped into 6 regional departments in Spain with specialised professionals in the various financial and real estate asset management areas.

Adding value and making a difference is part of our way of working at all levels

Our comprehensive talent management model allows the attraction, development, loyalty and promotion of the personal and professional growth of people. The aim is to align employees with the strategy of the organisation, providing them with a unique, relevant value proposition.



  • We promote a culture of continuous improvement, shaping each profile in line with business requirements, incentivising them in accordance with the client’s objectives and driving forward their continuous learning.
  • We make our employees want to stay and grow within the organisation, thanks to a retention plan which facilitates constant professional development and constant motivation.
  • We drive forward measures which are healthy, innovative and inclusive for employees, with a view to boosting their productivity and well-being.
  • We have an active, voluntary commitment to improving our social, economic and environmental surroundings, focusing on people and innovating in our solutions to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of Altamira