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85% of the Altamira doValue Group is held by the doValue Group listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and the combination of both has formed the largest servicer in southern Europe, with more than 160,000 million assets under management in five countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

Altamira doValue Group has formed part of the doValue group since June 2019 when the latter bought 85% of its capital to jointly become largest servicer in southern Europe. Today, the doValue group manages financial and real estate assets worth more than 160,000 million euros. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, the doValue group is an independent industrial project with a long-term vision, with its capital distributed between institutional investors and free float.


Being part of the doValue group for the Spanish market is the priority, constituting one of our competitive edges as we have its total financial and strategic backing and we can benefit from its sold, stable financial position, as well as its capacity to generate positive cash flow recurrently. >