Since our beginnings in 2013, we have evolved to offer comprehensive services, keeping pace with the times.

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Since December 2013, when Altamira became a company independent of its bank of origin, Santander, the company has developed a differential strategy to become the leading servicer on the Spanish market, with a major expansion process from its start until today.

Altamira has developed a major expansion process since its start in 2013

nacimiento de Altamira

Integración en Grupo doValue

internacionalización Portugal

internacionalización chipre

internacionalización italia y grecia

  • nacimiento de Altamira
  • Integración en Grupo doValue
  • internacionalización
  • Inicio internacionalización
  • internacionalización italia y grecia


Between 2013 and 2021
we evolved:

  • From managing 25,000 million euros to attaining assets under management for the sum of 45,000 million euros.
  • From working with one single client, to working with the largest client base on the Spanish market: more than 25.
  • From offering services to a single client segment to four: financial entities, entities with State participation, investment funds and real estate promoters.
  • From having a workforce of more than 300 employees to exceeding 750 professionals.
  • From operating on the Spanish market to entering new markets such as Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus..

This was all compatible with meeting the financial objectives set by the shareholders year after year and the management of the transition from a project with short/medium-term time horizon to a long-term industrial project, driven on by the doValue group.